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Juliet's rose
While reviewing my notebook it occurred to me that I’ve made several references to those of us living with e.m.PD as “sufferers”. I don’t really care for that term as applied here. In fact, it is often those who have the misfortune of being too close to us during our adjustment phase who suffer the most. I’m searching for a word or phrase to use instead, but “emPDers” sends my spell checker into a tizzy. Perhaps I could use one of these:
Disordered? No.
Subjects? Sounds like a monarchy.
Nooners? Umm, I think that one is already taken.
Morningly challenged? Too politically correct.
Afflicted? Too much.
Ailed? Could be confused with “ale-d”

Wait! I’ve got it – MEMBERS! We are members of the e.m.PD community. There it is.

– End entry .\ /.