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Decorative tagsThe first time I saw a group of Red Hat Ladies I remember thinking, “Aww, aren’t they cute!”

My curiosity led me to the story behind this feisty group of women who seemed to be bent on celebrating their golden years in style, the women of the Red Hat Society. When I read Jenny Joseph’s poem, “Warning” – also known as “When I am an Old Woman”, I absolutely loved it. Several years later, I penned my own response to “When I am an Old Woman”, and I would like to share it with you:

Why Wait for Old

Why wait until I’m old
To wear the colors I adore
Purple, red, blue, and green
Black and gold and more.

Why wait until I’m old
To feel that I am free
To flaunt my style (or lack thereof)
To express the essence of me.

Why wait until I’m old
To enjoy my life this way
For tomorrow is not promised
All I really have is Today.

– “Gert”

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