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Kitchen Clock
If this was a food blog, which it isn’t, I would definitely use this little clock as the background, or the header, for the site. If I should ever write a cookbook, which isn’t likely, I would try to figure out how to use it on the cover. I love this clock, and yet, I have never actually used it for its intended purpose. I made it several years ago during a time when I was experimenting with clay and wood. And some other mixed-media stuff. If I must say so myself, it turned out rather nicely.

It was around the time that I seemed to be going through a phase where I made a lot of clocks. And not just any clocks, I made “unusual” clocks. There was one that was made using an old CD with bead trim, a wooden dowel, and pieces of leather. It looked like a giant flower. A giant ticking flower.

There was also my painted masterpiece that became a framed canvas collage clock covered with window screen – I’ll bet you can’t say that three times really fast without messing up. And I really liked the old copper teapot that found new life as a clock. I would love to post the pictures, but they have proved to be …elusive.

Of all the clocks I have ever made, this Kitchen Clock is my favorite. I especially love the poem, “A New Cook’s Prayer”, printed on the background, and you can read it below.

I briefly considered writing the design instructions, just in case somebody wanted to replicate this little darling. Unfortunately, instruction writing has always been my least favorite part of the design process. So I didn’t. I’m thrilled, however, that I happened to find this picture in my files, and I wanted to share it here. On my “not a food blog” blog.

A New Cook’s Prayer

I bought a spoon, I bought a book
But precious Lord, I still can’t cook

So bless Oh Lord, all who dare
Eat these meals that I prepare

And I pray that by and by
I’ll get better with each try
— by Lavette