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BMW logo and front end

It was an epiphany. It’s the only way I can explain it – the day that I realized the huge PROBLEM that was causing me so much worry and stress wasn’t a problem at all, it was an OPPORTUNITY that I had dressed with the wrong attitude.

Today, it feels like a page turned and the illustration showed me that what I had deemed to be an intrusion, something that was getting in the way of my life’s plan, is actually an opportunity to not only learn something new, but also an opportunity to help others in the process.

You’re probably wondering where the fine cars come into play. Well, it occurred to me that from the first day this opportunity presented itself, I revved up and started rolling around it like a B.M.W… Bitchin’. Moanin’. Whinin’… and I needed to stop.

It was a short drive to part two of the epiphany: attitude is contagious. When I felt all grumpy and sour about my situation, my situation was grumpy and sour. When I changed, the situation – and the people involved – seemed to change, and things got easier. Life got easier, and I am once again cruising along in the happy lane.

I’ll be the first to admit that this all sounds just a little cliché. OK, a lot cliché. But, I am here to tell you, this is real people! I made a conscious decision to change my attitude, and now, as I look back on the earlier stages of this opportunity, I realize that the only thing that really underwent any significant change was me… and my attitude.

As for that fine car in the photo, the owner tells me it’s awesome – just like the change in my attitude.