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Cinnamon Toast

Today is Mother’s Day. As I remember my own mother, I’m feeling just a touch nostalgic. On a day when most people may be thinking of flowers, and jewelry, and a special dinner Mom doesn’t have to prepare, I’m thinking about Cinnamon Toast.
My mother introduced us to Cinnamon Toast, just as her mother did for her. She had a special way of making it with a little square of butter in each corner of the bread, and one square in the center. It looked like the 5-spot on a domino. Sort of.
After getting the butter just right, she would sprinkle everything with granulated sugar and a light dusting of cinnamon.
This was placed under the broiler for a few minutes until the butter was hot and melty, and the bread was toasted to a light golden brown. As it cooked, the sugar and cinnamon would transform into a magical blend of sweet, crunchy goodness. Yum!
As soon as it was cool enough to touch, she would cut it into triangles and we would dig in. It just doesn’t taste the same if it isn’t cut into triangles.
Cinnamon Toast
I’m sure there must be hundreds of recipes for Cinnamon Toast, but I wanted mine to look and taste the way it did when my mother made it for us back in the day.

I made this special treat for my children on several occasions when they were little, and they loved it. I wonder if they will look back on those memories someday with the same nostalgia I’m feeling. I wonder if they will serve it to their children, and tell them how my mother taught me to make it, just as I taught them. I wonder if the tradition of Cinnamon Toast will continue for generations to come.

I certainly hope so. And meanwhile, I’ll have to call my children and tell them to come over for breakfast, I’m making Cinnamon Toast.