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One of the houses on Wisteria Lane
If you’ve ever been away from home, whether it was just a few days or a really long, long time, you probably know the feeling that you get when you finally find yourself coming home again.

There’s a heightened sense of awareness as you turn into your neighborhood, and your heart starts to beat a little faster with the anticipation of the familiar and the missed. You probably don’t even notice the smile quietly teasing away the tensions of your absence.

Home. Your little space in a great big world. You want to get there as quickly as you can, but you resist the urge to rush, you want to savor the tingling sensation of joys remembered. And then, you turn a corner and see it – right there where you left it – patiently waiting for your return. Waiting to welcome you back, no matter how many times you’re away, no matter how long.

I have been away from this place – my little space – for quite some time, and it feels so good to finally come home.

I’m home. Again.

P.S. I don’t actually live on Wisteria Lane….