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Climb a tree and holler!
I’m a whisperer. Not in the sense of a horse whisperer or ghost whisperer or anything like that, not even in the sense of frequenting wishing wells. I’m just a quiet, soft-spoken, reclusive sort who hates to raise her voice and is averse to pressuring people into doing something they don’t necessarily want to do.

Shameless self-promotion is not one of my strengths. That’s one of the first lessons I learned when I made the decision to see where my entrepreneurial passions would take me. I discovered that I don’t mind talking about myself when it involves a pertinent experience to illustrate a point in a conversation, but when it comes to ‘selling’ myself, that’s a horse of a different color.

I think this is where I acknowledge the pickle this particular situation has created for me.

I’m still working on my product line, so I don’t really have a “thing to sell” at the moment. I do expect that to change in the not too distant future – what I don’t expect will change is my personality.

In business, and life in general, it is too easy to just give up or wander off in a different direction when faced with obstacles. While I have been known to wander on an occasion or two, I’m not one to just throw in the towel, even when the odds are less than favorable. In fact, I am of the opinion that when life hands you lemons, you make cheesecake (the whole lemonade thing is way overdone and the market is saturated with it). So, when my” whisperer trait” was referenced not once, but twice in my SWOT analysis (weakness and threat) I didn’t roll over and give up – instead, I have identified some creative ways to make this trait work for me more than it works against me. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I’ll keep you posted.