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Autumn TreeI love this time of the year. Autumn. It happens to be my most favorite season of all. It’s that wonderful buffer between the harshness of Summer’s scorching heat and Winter’s freezing chill.

This is that refreshing time of the year when I actually don’t mind venturing outside. The mosquitoes are mostly gone away, and it doesn’t feel like I’m stepping into the world’s largest oven. They call it “dry heat” here, but as far as I’m concerned, hot is just hot.

I enjoy the cool breezes that greet me as soon as I open my door, and the trek from there to the mailbox doesn’t leave me feeling drenched and wilted. I absolutely love Autumn, or, if you grew up in the South – Fall.

I love that I can snuggle under my favorite blanket with my laptop, or a good book, and lose myself in the discovery of the written word. I love pulling out the special pots for favorite Autumn dishes like Chili and Gumbo. I love that it actually gets dark outside before eight in the evening. But, one of the things I love most about the Autumn season is watching the transitions of color as the leaves change. It reminds me that change can be good, and that change can be beautiful.

Happy Fall Y’all!  Fall colored tree