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business sign for art WurksI had driven past here several times before I actually stopped to snap these pictures. Although I noticed the sculpture on our first trip through the area, I was usually in a hurry to get to Tallahassee, or to get home, or it was dark, or raining, or traffic was heavy and I didn’t see it in time to stop safely. Always seemed to be something. On this particular trip, I had made up my mind that, barring an act of God, I would stop and get my pictures. These were taken with my cell phone and a little Nikon Coolpix L20 that lives in the bottom oRooster head shotf my purse.

I was disappointed to find the little shop closed that day, I would have liked to ask the owner a lot of questions about this special bird and explore the creative mind behind the art. I didn’t realize just how big it was until I stood near it

I have done a bit of research since that trip, and I discovered that the artist who created this amazing work is a gentleman who goes by the name of Larry Godwin. Mr. Godwin appears to enjoy a wonderfully artistic life and his work can be found on display at various locations around the world. I love this piece. Who could have imagined that old car bumpers would ever hold such an allure? If you’d like to see this masterpiece for yourself, the shop is located in a little town called Brundige in southern Alabama, somewhere between Troy and Dothan. You can read more about him in this article posted by The M.A.D. House Artists.metal rooster